Why Tessol

TESSOL is a globally recognized venture, offering next generation storage and logistics solutions across the temperature-controlled supply chain. Our solutions are  based on the proprietary and award winning clean energy technologies developed over last half a decade. Our innovative solutions ensure preservation of your temperature sensitive products reliably while delivering higher returns on your investments.

We understand your challenges and have the right solutions!

We understand the challenges of last mile distribution and have successfully proven our capability to deliver solutions in this domain. With our strong domain expertise, we will be able to custom design solutions for your unique cold chain challenges. Our solutions are 100 % reliable and viable for all package sizes and applications.

Solutions from Source to Home

Tessol is the only organized player who provides end to end cold chain logistics solutions and proven across applications. Our solutions are successful on a 1 ton truck to a 5 litre delivery box

TESSOL enhances your reach to the highly fragmented retail and home delivery market thereby increasing your sales

  • Engine independent solutions that can be mounted on 24 ft trucks to 5 liters on a bike.
  • Technology enables you to carry frozen / chilled and ambient products – all in the same vehicle.

Temperature Guarantee from - 25 to +25

TESSOL differentiates as one of the only companies to have built a wide product range on the PCM technology and successfully deploy across all applications ranging from -25 C ice cream to 20C chocolates and confectionery

TESSOL ensures the quality of your product is uncompromised

  • All products are rated and tested for specific temperature duty and ensure that your product remains safe if SOP is followed.
  • Uses latest combinations of insulation, PCM and cooling technologies to give you the best efficiency.

Upto 60% Cost Savings

Our solutions help you save upto 60% operating costs with a payback of under one year. Our technology ensures a pollution free environment by displacing 1000 litres of diesel per annum for a standard 1 ton vehicle.

TESSOL combination of PLUGnCHILL and SWAP makes cold chain viable for all package sizes

  • Displacement of Diesel with Electricity and advanced Phase Change materials helps maintain temperatures in enclosures of sizes ranging from 1 ton to approx 5 litres.
  • Lesser moving parts on the design ensures lower maintenance costs.
  • Vehicle independent technology eliminates risk of product damage due to vehicle breakdowns.

Real Time Monitoring

TAMSYS is a device agnostic SaaS platform designed to track and monitor all cold chain equipment ranging from Cold rooms and refrigerated vehicles to freezers and insulated boxes.

Proprietary asset tracking system helps monitor key performance and maintenance metrics in real time

  • Integrates various devices across communication protocols like GPRS/ GPS/ wifi/ Bluetooth etc.
  • Captures critical information such as temperature performance, SOP adherence,product abuse etc and offers real time monitoring.
  • Detailed trend analysis to eliminate product losses and process lapses.

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